Running: The Lifetime Sport.

You don’t see 55 year old gymnasts, 70 year old football players, or 60 year old volleyball players.  No matter what sport you may love with all your heart, the truth is, our culture and your body doesn’t make it easy to keep pursuing whatever sport you grew up loving.  I know this because I grew up drawing soccer balls on every homework assignment, played year-round since I was 6, and even made my best friends from MSU through intramural soccer.  The further I part from college years, the more distant I’ve become of the sport I love…even coaching it doesn’t fulfill the same satisfaction…it actually makes me crave it more.

Reality sits in and even though it’s possible to join an adult league, the challenge and atmosphere isn’t the same, let alone the long commute.  BUT this isn’t my point… my point is, take up running! Running is a lifetime sport. You will see people in their sixties and seventies cruising the trails like nothing else matters.  If you’re at that age where you’re craving a way to get exercise the way you used to, here are a few resources to get you started!

  • Download some new tunes to run to, focusing on the music rather than the run: there is an awesome app called discovr music. Type in any artist or song and get a chain reaction of similar music. Pandora works great too, the commercial free version is only $4 a month, but it uses data while you’re running outdoors.
  • Download a running app to document, track, and plan runs. My personal favorite for years is nike+running. It is fairly accurate, maps your route, plays your playlist and tells you your pace every mile. There are many other apps like this if you search, but nike+running is my fav. Into zombies? A few years ago I downloaded a running app called Zombies,  Run!  It is an integration of a running app and an interactive zombie story where you are a “runner” who is sent on missions. Throughout the engaging story, the app takes breaks to play your playlist as well. There is even a setting for which zombie radars track whether you increase your speed!
  • Feel good about what you do every time you go out. You may go out and run/walk a mile and feel exhausted, and that’s OK.  The key is to get outside consistently and jog a little more each time.  You will be blown away at how fast your body adapts and gets in condition when given the opportunity.

I could write a novel on running tips, but I’ll save more for another day! Get out, go for a run, there is nothing to lose!

(Well, you may lose stress, fat, and bad habits, but that’s okay 😉


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