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Come Home to Love and Cuddles, Commitment-Free!

Imagine driving home from a crazy day of whatever.  Your tired legs make their way up to your front door and you slowly squeak it open. Your eyes glued to the floor as to not miss a furry blur bolt past your feet!  Those were the quickly learned habits of my DSCF1763roommates, friends, and myself as I decided to take on a litter of 9 kittens to foster.  It was crazy, furry, and fantastic. No matter what kind of terrible day overcame you, walking into a room full of kittens was the best remedy anyone could hope for.

Every spring, most of the animal kingdom booms with tiny offspring running or flying around. In the world of cats and dogs, new furry families may be finding their new homes the great indoors of people’s homes, barns, or garages…

These problems arise when animal lovers don’t take the initiative to spay or neuter their pets. The lack of motivation to make the vet appointment may spur from the lack of immediate personal repercussions.  It seems it is more convenient to drop-off unwanted litters to the nearby shelter, even though the cost of fixing their pet in the first place can be as low as 25$. The ones who suffer the consequences are not the people, it’s the 4 legged furbabies…

In good nature, or maybe not, people drop off liters of newborns or give up pregnant females to shelters continuously this time of year. This post is not meant to be the inevitable rain cloud in regards to the reality of the overpopulations of shelters… but… knowledge is power and the more people know, the more animals can be helped!

DSCF1523So what is one entertaining and meaningful way to help? Foster and provide a loving home for a litter of kittens, puppies, or baby bunnies! Your choice to lend a helping hand opens up the opportunity for these youngsters to able to see something else besides the bars of a crate their first few months!

Fostering is that ideal balance of having a pet without the 10-20 year commitment. Kittens are surprisingly amazing at litter training themselves in my experience, so I was able to continue most of my responsibilities and not worry too much about them being left alone.  The story is different with puppies or bunnies, but if you work from home or have the time, that experience is also extremely rewarding.

Not everyone is a fan of young animals, or maybe they are but are not interested in the high DSCF1685amount of attention needed. I have fostered adult animals that just needed a break from the shelter and feel like they had a home.  Just a few weeks of normality helps these animals psychologically, physically, and emotionally.

Looking for a shelter? Type “animal shelter near me” in a Google search engine and your future opportunities will pop up.

Let this post spark your ambition to help your nearby shelter. So have fun and feel like you’re making a difference…because you are!  Who knows, you may meet a new “furever” friend in the process :).

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